About us


CITYHEELS ™ is based in Stockholm, Sweden. From here customers all around the world are served via the www.cityheels.com global online-store. The company’s first product, ”CITYHEELS ™ high heel protection” was launched in March 2013. The founder and inventor Carl Wedlin set the standard very high with this innovative product, determined that no one should be able to find a competitive product at higher quality elsewhere.

Carl Wedlin, MSc, Engineering, who has a long experience in the plastics industry, reveals how it all came to be:
”-My wife was complaining about how the heels of her shoes were ruined. I figured there should be a way to protect the heels using a sofisticated protective film. I came up with a two-layer solution: one layer to protect from scratches, and one to protect the shoe from impact. And as I began to look around it turns out being the best solution on the market! Looking back, it seems really obvious – and strange that no one thought of this before!”

”If you want to go far, go together”